You saved my life

You saved my life

The results of my intensive therapy session with you have been truly amazing. Had I not experienced these results myself I would not have believed they were possible. Sadly, my friends keep asking me “How are you doing?” as if I was still carrying the same burdens that were definitively released in therapy. Some just don’t believe such healing is possible.

Results of Therapy:

  1. Overall decreased anxiety
  2. Overall decreased muscle tension
  3. Very mentally alert upon waking in the morning. I no longer require 15 minutes to attain mental alertness
  4. Sleeping deeper and sleeping less
  5. Increased physical and mental stamina
  6. On February 17th I had an extremely good day. Nothing out of the ordinary happened but my psychological experience throughout the entire day was a major shifting of affect……no negative thought or reflections, happiness, very strong positive attitude
  7. The heart arrythmia I had been suffering from for a few years has not returned since therapy
  8. The pain and numbness in my right hand from a dog bite has ceased.
  9. Increase in appropriate boundary setting with others.
  10. Marked increase in effectiveness in engaging other hostile men. Firmly standing my ground but keeping my cool.
  11. So many of the positive benefits of therapy are difficult to express. When a memory becomes “refiled or deleted” and its toxic effect is removed, I no longer reflect on it or remember it but the beneficial effects of having that memory processed and refiled are very great.
  12. I know I keep harping on this but a very major effect of therapy relates to what I have experienced in my 3D visual perception. I must have had a traumatic experience in my brain that interfered with my ability to process 3D visual perception. There is a very serious and marked change in the way my eyes see things in 3D now. It is exactly like seeing the world in fresco style 2D and then suddenly seeing in 3D permanently. Driving past a row of trees in the car is fascinating and beautiful to me. So are panoramic views or looking at landscapes. For the first two weeks after therapy I found myself looking and staring at collections of three dimensional objects for hours.

Thank you so deeply from the bottom of my heart.

You saved my life, Margaret.