Words of thanks for post-adoptive help

Words of thanks for post-adoptive help

I would like to thank you for your services. I found your services when I was very concerned about my son. He was adopted from a Russian orphanage at 2½ years of age. When we came to you, he was 11 years old and still regressing to baby talk. He would latch onto anyone as a friend, was easily led, and terrified of being abandoned, plus many other things.

It has been three years since [you counseled him]. He has not received any since.

With your help, he learned how to rely on himself, how to let go of hiding behind the baby part of himself. He is growing into a fine young teenager. He is choosing friends that do not lead him down the wrong path. He is very thoughtful about decisions.

He is now in band, choir, and drama club at school. He competed very successfully in cross-country this fall. He has many interests and is constantly discussing what type of job he will have, places he would like to travel, and interacts well socially.

I am extremely grateful for your services in that one week of intensive help. I highly recommend your services to others.

– K. from Ohio