Recommendation from a long-time child welfare worker

Recommendation from a long-time child welfare worker

As a caseworker in the child welfare system for over 20 years, I regularly recommend Margaret Vasquez for trauma work with kids. Having worked with many children on my caseload over the years, she has achieved striking results with children who remained unassisted by long-term therapy, medication, behavior modification, attachment work and a host of other interventions.

Miss Vasquez has an ability to quickly establish rapport with children and effectively helps them to give voice to their difficulties without shame. The results have been multiple foster placements salvaged; kids being adopted, who otherwise never would have been; and adoptions being preserved.

Her work has been a drastic turning point in the lives of many families. She has a genuine concern for those with whom she works and is by far the most effective child therapist I have ever known.

– D. W., MA, LSW