Life really can be wonderful

Life really can be wonderful

I was thinking today how dubious I was before treatment. After suffering for so many years, how could I be healed at all, much less in so short a time period? Yet the traumas took a relatively short period of time to change my life in very negative ways – mentally, spiritually, and physically.

As a nurse, I still cannot wrap my brain around the patho-physiology that must be behind this treatment. However, if a few moments can cause memories that alter us so drastically, it is logical that “processing” those memories could (and DOES) bring about the exact opposite mental, spiritual, and physical effect…HEALING, HOPE, PEACE! Such peace as I have never known before, and I will be 50 years old this May! Ha!

When Deb asked me what my goals for treatment were, and I told her one of them was to know in my heart that God loves me…that anyone could love me, and she said “we can do that with this therapy,” I was thinking “Yeah, right.” LOL! Decades of suffering end with two weeks of therapy (due to the number of different traumas – some people need only a week). Yes – it sounds incredible. I pray more people have the courage to believe it is possible and take the chance. Life really can be wonderful!

– Jennifer