Each of our therapy horses has a unique personality, as you’ll read below. We’ve come to believe that people will pick the horse that they truly need, and in turn our clients are able to engage in an honest, non-judgmental relationship with their horse. The skills learned in developing that relationship can then be easily translated to developing relationships with people.

Learn more about each of our therapy horses below.


Moses is an 11-year-old Draft/Quarter Horse gelding. Moses was previously used in Ohio University’s equestrian program and came to our program in 2015. Moses is an extrovert and loves to be around people and other horses. Moses’ broad back and smooth gaits are beneficial for clients with physical disabilities. Moses is the “class clown” of the group and knows how to make people laugh. Moses is often playful and mischievous, whether opening his own stall door or chewing on your jacket zipper. He loves to trail ride and stops to eat along the way, thus inventing the first “horse drive thru”!


Adam, also known as the “gentle giant” of the barn, is an 18-year-old bay Thoroughbred gelding. While many are intimidated by Adam’s large size, he can quickly gain one’s trust and confidence with his gentle nature. Honesty is Adam’s virtue as he supports clients in exploring and experiencing authentic connection within relationships. Adam is quite the athlete and enjoys having a job. He also enjoys galloping around the pasture, reliving his glory days as a racehorse and eventer. Adam is a great confidence builder for children and adults alike; he constantly proves to people that they can overcome challenges and achieve their goals! Adam came to us from a wonderful friend who wanted his retirement to be productive and helpful to others.


Magic is a 23-year-old bay Arabian mare, and she is known as the “barn princess” or the “darling of the barn”. Patience is Magic’s virtue. Everybody loves her because she is sweet and gentle, and many people who are intimidated by horses have become confident horsemen through Magic’s tender loving care. Magic is the perfect “dream horse” for young horse enthusiasts because she is sweet, pretty, and the perfect size. Magic came to us through a generous family who has allowed her to be a part of our family now.


Blue is a 23-year-old Quarter Horse gelding. Many people love Blue because, contrary to his name, he is a beautiful gray color! Blue is the true definition of “slow and steady wins the race” and can often be found napping in his stall. Blue is more introverted in nature, but he loves to get attention and be pampered! Blue has a kind soul and is a good match for children or adults who may be intimidated by horses due to their size or temperament. Blue came to One Heart Stables from an anonymous donor who knew that Blue’s gentle spirit was a great fit for our therapy program.


Carbon is an 18-year-old Quarter Horse gelding. Carbon is one of the sweetest, most gentle horses in the barn, but don’t let his easy-going demeanor fool you! Carbon was once a fierce competitor in the show ring; he is very talented at jumping, English pleasure, and Western ranch, and he has won his owner many blue ribbons in his competitive days! Now Carbon thrives on the love and attention of the children that visit One Heart Stables. Instead of winning ribbons, Carbon now wins over the hearts of any person that he interacts with. Carbon is leased to One Heart Stables by his current owner, who knew that his kind demeanor and big heart would help heal the many hearts that walk through our barn doors.


Sunny is a 22-year-old Paint mare. She came to us through a donor many years ago and has been a great asset to our program. About four years ago, Sunny was given to a teenage girl who really needed a horse in her life; now an adult, Sunny’s owner generously decided to put Sunny into our therapy program so that Sunny can give other people that help that she received from this special horse. Sunny is now a sensitive “therapist” with our clients. She is kind, gentle, and gives 100% while working with her clients.

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