Our Core Values

1. Kindness – our Encompass professionals delivers compassion throughout the supportive services we provide in our foster care and counseling programs. Our foster care workers take every opportunity to help our clients and foster parents experience their worth in Christ. Our office and counseling staff will welcome our clients with authentic warmth and empathy, enabling them to feel secure and safe in our counseling centers.

2. Selflessness – our Encompass staff are selfless, and that means putting our clients first, working persistently alongside them. Our staff understands the importance of their positive relationships with our clients, and will always, consider their needs and best interests first.

3. Relentless Commitment – When our clients place their trust in our staff, they can expect a partnership of dedication to their concerns. It is a pledge of Encompass professionals to work diligently with them to understand their unique experience.

Our Strategic Anchors

1. Personal Connection – At Encompass, we make every effort to deliver services to our clients in a caring,compassionate approach. We tailor fit every treatment plan to fit our client’s individual needs.

2. Easy Accessibility – Our Encompass professionals aim to offer services that are geographically near our clients, foster parents and placing entities so as to provide them the best choice and help to alleviate any and all barriers to the services we provide.

3. Effective Outcomes – We routinely seek the feedback and input of both our clients and our Encompass staff to help us to truly analyze the data to ensure that our programs are doing the work to help others experience their worth in Christ.